Studio Portraiture

Studio Portraiture or  Lifestyle Images?

Whichever way you would like it done! We are happy to photograph our clients in natural surroundings, or in the formal setting of our Studio. The obvious advantages of Studio sessions are that we are not dependent on the weather, we can control the lighting and offer privacy, not to mention refreshments!

A portrait of a young lady wearing a fur hat.

Our aim in studio portraiture is to make our client’s feel comfortable. So, it’s all about you and how you want to look.

We’ll advise that you bring changes of clothing to vary the look. We have changing room facilities with mirrors and we can enlist a make-up artist to attend if you would like that.

Young child with floral headband
We understand that young children need a while to feel comfortable when meeting new people. We take it slowly and patiently! We will previously have discussed with you what sort of images you would like us to capture and we will work up to achieving these once we have gained your child’s trust.
Close-up portrait of young girl
Young blonde model
Long-haired young lady wearing floppy-brimmed hat.
So, now to the studio! A couple of images taken during studio sessions with these two young ladies. They were both delighted with shots of themselves wearing different outfits. We recommend that you come with a small range of accessories and a change of clothing so that we can offer you a varied selection of images conveying your different moods.
Lady sitting looking over end of chaise longue

Sue’s photo was taken in a formal style in Art By Camera’s well-equipped studio

Your studio portraiture can be done in a traditional or informal style. Perhaps you would like other members of the family in the portrait with you, or your pet. Then, if you would like one, or more, of your lovely images set in a beautiful hand-made, wooden frame, we can do that, too. Richard is a skilled cabinet-maker!

So why not make a family booking? Your images could be used to personalize your Christmas cards. We can do those for you, too! Why not contact us!

Something a little more unusual in the way of a portrait

Just ask if there is special editing you would like.


  • Soft focus
  • Black and white
  • Sepia tinting
  • Multiple imaging