The One Day Flower Photography Course: £120.00

As well as our general Digital Photography Courses (getting off auto and editing) we are able to offer a day course in Flower Photography. This will take place in our studio but things you learn on the day may also apply when working outdoors. We will normally give you individual tuition but we can accommodate groups of up to 4. Art by Camera’s studio is fully equipped with studio flash lighting, soft boxes and various other accessories. We can even lend you a DSLR camera and lenses if needed.

So what can we offer you on the day?



  • show systems in a professional studio work, be it for flowers, products or portraiture
  • use of different soft boxes and modifiers
  • how various accessories are used such as snoots and reflectors
Beauty Dish
Geared head



  • choice and use of a tripod
  • setting up your camera to sync with the system
  • tethering to Lightroom if your camera is supported by Adobe
Pink rose

  • setting up a floral still-life
  • considering composition
  • trying out your own lenses and selecting the best for the job
Pink lilies
focusing rack

  • if desired, experimenting with our macro lenses using our Canon cameras
  • macro photography and depth of field
  • focus stacking
Close-up of seed head
Helebore card



  • applying principles encountered today to home studio set-up.
  • home studio equipment, easy, inexpensive ways to start
Garlic flowers and bulbs


  • using software to process the images in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • creating backgrounds and borders
  • simple ideas for creative flower photography
We won’t necessarily spend a lot time on all of the above as we will be tailoring the day to your interests and if you’re a beginner we’ll have talked you through your camera’s settings before you start shooting.

After doing our Flower Photography Course you will have the knowledge and confidence to use a professional studio. You may like to hire ours, having become familiar with the equipment. You obviously have a great interest in flowers so you will be delighted with the floral images you take away with you.

Before the course, please be sure to back-up any images on your card and recharge your batteries and bring spares if you have them. Your instruction manual could be useful. We will offer you tea and coffee throughout the day but, please bring your own packed lunch.

We can offer this flower course on any of the dates listed on our Photography courses page. We will begin at 9am and finish around 5pm. The cost for the day is £120.00.