Photographic images... reality with imagination.

Hi, and welcome to our new website!

Who are we? 

This is us! Sue and Richard.

We are friends who have collaborated on many projects over many years. With both of us having a design and creative background we have brought together our enjoyment of photography and editing. We hope to give you a flavour of the type of photographs we specialise in. We have also included some of our more unusual and, we feel, more interesting work in our Art By Camera photography studio.


Sue studied Art in Lancaster and this has taken her through jewellery design and silversmithing. Now her interest in photography has led her to selling images through exhibitions and the Art By Camera Gallery.

A photograph about us, Richard Harrison and Sue Kane taken at the Art By Camera Studio, Penrith

Meet the team -Richard Harrison and Sue Kane.


Richard’s experience as a freelance photographer ensures that he keeps his camera with him at all times to record wonderful moments.

 "A fleeting moment captured by camera, is what we look for when we are out with our cameras. We hope to reflect the mood we feel the photograph produces rather than just recording the scene, hence our strap line, 'reality with imagination'. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographic images as much as we have enjoyed producing them."


Sue and Richard run Art By Camera Photography Courses at their Penrith Studio and share their enthusiasm with students.

Our favourite photographic images.

One of Sue's favourite images: Spirit of the Carnation on our About Page for Art By Camera Photography

One of Sue's favourite images: Spirit of the Carnation.

Sue says: "I took this image several years ago but it has remained one of my favourites. I love flowers and have many, many floral photographs in my portfolio. I arrive home with a little bunch, select a nice one and photograph it on my dining table using the simplest of equipment and a tripod. I like to convey this ease of taking table-top images to students on our Photography Courses. 

After opening the file in Photoshop I converted it to mono, even though it was already a white flower on a black backgound. I just love the drama of flowers on black!

I also used a plug-in filter, Fractalius, and by moving various sliders, achieved a translucency to the petals."

Exif data: Canon EOS 300D, 1/25s, f7.1, 50mm, 100ISO

Richard says: "An unusual set of circumstances were needed to get this photo!

  1.    Boxing day. 
  2.   Hangover. 
  3.   Forget  tripod (see note 2) large rock instead of tripod. 
  4.   Smaller rock needed for sitting down on (see note 2). 
  5.   A 7 shot HDR converted to mono using Nik software.  
  6.   A storm coming down the valley.  
  7.   A dog that needed a walk (nothing else would have got me out on that day)."


Exif data: Canon EOS 7D, 1/400s, f 5.6, 23mm, ISO 400

A black and white photograph of a dilapidated building and tree in winter.

The old field house at Hayeswater